The NSW Journalists’ Benevolent Fund was established in the 1920s to assist journalists and their dependents during times of financial stress.

With money invested in cash, public company shares and managed funds, the interest earned is used to provide short-term crisis loans and one-off cash grants to journalists and their families who are in need of assistance. It also funds Christmas gifts for elderly journalists or their spouses and children, and pays contributions towards funeral costs for journalist members of the Media Alliance.

The bulk of the money for the fund came from an original bequest from the founding editor of The Bulletin, Jules Archibald. Over the years, other journalists have also made bequests and donations to the fund to ensure it continues its work while capital is invested.

Since 2012, JB Were has managed part of the fund’s assets and the high returns have helped the fund grow.

The fund is affiliated with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance media section and provides a yearly grant to the union for its health and safety work in NSW.