• Job loss and redundancy

  • Short-term financial crisis

  • Serious illness and medical treatment

  • Funeral benefit for members and former members

  • Other major life crisis

  • Education assistance

  • Problems with addiction

  • Possible assistance with legal fees.


Here are some examples of people the NSW Journalists’ Benevolent Fund has helped.
(Note: Names and some details have been changed to protect people’s privacy)


“Carlos” is a journalist who was hit by both a marriage breakup and unemployment in close succession, leaving him struggling to pay the mortgage on the house in which he continued to live with his two children. The fund was able to provide an education grant for both children, plus a grant to enable Carlos to pay the arrears on his mortgage, allowing him to get back on his feet.




“Eve” had to retire from a major newspaper group due to ill heath, but hoped to do some freelance editing from home to generate income. This required the purchase of a computer and associated equipment, at a cost beyond her savings. The fund offered an interest-free loan, which Eve later repaid from her earnings.



Annie, Mary and Modupeh
“Annie, Mary and Modupeh” were journalists from a war-torn African country who were given refugee visas to resettle in Australia with their families. The fund decided it could help, using money given in a generous bequest by the journalist Emery Barcs, himself a refugee from the Hungary of 1939.  The travelling costs of the three journalists and their families – from Africa to Australia – were covered by the fund.




After a long career in newspapers, “Ian” died without many resources. With no family close by, the fund arranged and paid for his funeral, as well as handling the practicalities of cleaning his flat and sending his important possessions to his relatives overseas.



“Antoinette” is an Australian journalist whose husband became ill and died while the couple were working overseas. The fund advanced an interest-free loan to assist with moving expenses to allow Antoinette to bring herself and her young children back to Australia. Through its education fund, it has provided continuing assistance with costs associated with the children’s schooling.



“Michael” was a newspaper journalist who died suddenly from cancer leaving his wife and a disabled young child without proper support. The fund has assisted with the costs of helping Michael’s child reach her full potential.