In 1997, the fund became the beneficiary of the residual estate of Eva Vica Barcs, widow of journalist Emery Barcs, who was an Australian Journalists’ Association member from 1939 to 1991.


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Emery Barcs

The trustees established the E & EV Barcs Memorial Fund to administer and invest the $500,000 bequest. Under the terms of the estate, the trustees apply the income each year towards the maintenance or benefit of needy journalists who flee from overseas.

That fund is managed by Maple-Brown Abbott Investment Managers and the trustees are endeavouring to continue to use the income from the fund to assist journalists and their families who are in danger in their own countries to relocate to NSW.

Over the years we have helped several journalists resettle in Australia, including reporters (and their families) from Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, China, Ivory Coast and Colombia, providing assistance with airfares and living expenses until people find their feet.


Photo credit: Steve Tickner, The Irrawaddy